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Nintendo extends Switch gameplay with its new Labo cardboard kits
2018-01-18T06:28:33Z - Abhimanyu Ghoshal / The Next Web
Nintendo’s Switch console is getting a cute, quirky, and seemingly ingenious upgrade that will appeal to kids and the young at heart with the launch of its new Labo initiative. The idea is to use DIY cardboard kits to craft accessories for the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers and enable new modes of play, and new games as well. Here, take a look:The kits bundle game cartridges, cardboard sheets, string, and plastic connectors; you’ll need to follow instructions to build different accessories – called Toy-Cons – to house the controllers. That sounds like a ton of fun, and The Verge seemed to have a good time with the new kits. I’m crazy excited about this – and equally mad about Nintendo ignoring my home country even after being in the gaming business for so long.

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