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You can now buy a refurbished Apple Watch Series 3 for $279
2018-02-14T19:19:23Z - Nick Statt / The Verge
Apple today added the Apple Watch Series 3, the company’s latest smartwatch, to its list of available refurbished gadgets, as spotted by 9to5Mac. The 38mm version is $279 while the 42mm version is $309, with both receiving $50 discounts from the standard price. It doesn’t look like you can buy these watches with LTE functionality, but both do come with GPS. It’s a solid deal for those looking for almost-new versions of the latest Apple Watch and don’t care much for getting LTE service, which does have a noticeable effect on battery life and launched back in September with some connectivity issues (until Apple issued a software fix shortly after). For those who want the Apple Watch Series 1, which is the only other model Apple sells now that the Series 3 replaced the GPS-enabled Series 2, Apple is selling one 38mm sport version for $209, which is $40 off.

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