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AI is helping seismologists detect earthquakes they’d otherwise miss
2018-02-14T19:00:04Z - James Vincent / The Verge
This sudden increase is thought to be caused by the disposal of wastewater by the state’s booming fracking industry, and it’s caught seismologists off-guard. The neural network was even able to identify the rough whereabouts of individual quakes by matching the patterns they created with historical data where the quake’s location was known. “For the very small events that this technique detects, this will be challenging.”If this neural network can be used more widely in Oklahoma applied, says Perol, it’ll help seismologists investigate the exact cause of the state’s earthquakes. The idea of using AI to predict — not just detect — earthquakes is an exciting one, but it’s not something that the whole seismologist community is confident about. But with the help of Perol and his colleagues’ neural network, this important work could get a boost.

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