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Audit reveals Office of Fossil Energy approved millions for lobbying, spas
2018-02-14T23:06:04+00:00 - Megan Geuss / Ars Technica
The internal watchdog at the Department of Energy released an audit report (PDF) this month detailing profligate spending, approved by the Office of Fossil Energy, on a clean coal initiative that was supposed to result in a 400MW carbon capture-enable plant. Fossil Energy committed to funding $450 million of the $1.8 billion project, which would have been built outside of Odessa, Texas. All in all, the report identified $38 million in reimbursement payments that the Office of Fossil Energy made to Summit without proper and thorough documentation. Those unallowable expenses included millions in lobbying for Summit (lobbying expenses can not be paid with federal funds) as well as spa service, limousines, and business-class travel. The payment appears to have been approved on the basis of some delicate wording on agreements submitted to the Office of Fossil Energy by Summit.

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