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There could be an entire line of Dyson electric cars
2018-02-14T22:50:37Z - Zac Estrada / The Verge
Best known for slick-looking vacuum cleaners and hand dryers, James Dyson has already stated his intentions to tackle a completely different machine — the electric car. The man behind radically designed appliances said in September he was planning a “radically different” type of electric car than what was on the market. He is said to be investing in both lightweight materials (likely carbon fiber, which is used extensively on the BMW i3 electric vehicles), but also solid-state battery technology for cars. Dyson wants solid-state battery technology, but it might not be ready for his first carDyson isn’t the only one who wants that technology. And Autocar reported that the company’s solid-state battery head left the company late last year.

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