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Look out for the flying ‘Jurassic World’ Pteranodon drone
2018-02-19T18:38:22Z - Ashley Carman / The Verge
You probably know there’s a new Jurassic World coming out this year, and there’s lots of branded merchandise coming along with it. At the Toy Fair this weekend, Mattel introduced a bunch of Jurassic products, including the “Pterano-Drone,” a quadcopter with a dinosaur on top. It works just like any other drone with a hand-held remote control, although it includes additional kid-friendly features like self-landing and auto-circling. The drone should last 15 to 20 minutes in the air and charges through Micro USB. The Pterano-Drone will cost $119.99 when it’s released this spring, closer to the new movie’s release date.

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