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Was there ever really a “sugar conspiracy”?
2018-02-20T07:53:01.5851222Z - / Hacker News
Recently, similar allegations have been made against the sugar industry, with claims that prominent industry-backed researchers in the 1960s downplayed or suppressed evidence linking sugar and heart disease. Here, we offer a brief review of postwar nutrition research on fat and sugar and attempt to explain the emergence of these conspiratorial stories. Enjoying ice cream in the 1960s, when battle lines were being drawn over the roles of dietary fat and sugar. “The sugar industry didn't find researchers at Harvard who would make up a story they didn't believe in order to cash in on the sugar industry money,” asserted Gary Taubes, author of The Case Against Sugar, a 2016 book that delves deeply into the sugar industry's involvement in nutrition research. (Indeed, an internal sugar industry document states that SRF was created “for the basic purpose of increasing the consumption of sugar.”) We do not claim the sugar industry had no influence on nutrition work at Harvard, nor on the field in general.

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