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Burnout Paradise celebrates its 10th anniversary with 4K console remaster
2018-02-21T05:00:53Z - Abhimanyu Ghoshal / The Next Web
10 years on, it’s making a comeback in the form of a 4K 60fps remaster for PS 4 Pro and Xbox One X – along with 1080p revamps for older versions. The multiplayer action, original soundtrack, eight DLC packs, and all 150 vehicles are along for the ride. From the comparison images showing the refreshed textures, it seems like Burnout Paradise Remastered will be worth a go for fans of the original, as well as newcomers alike. Burnout Paradise Remastered arrives on March 16 for $40; you can pre-order it right now, or start playing on March 9 with an EA Access membership. Read next: A $42 million '10,000 year clock' is being installed on Jeff Bezos' property

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