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Prehistoric Europe much like a game of Civilization, according to ancient DNA
2018-02-21T18:43:43+00:00 - Kiona N. Smith / Ars Technica
Genomic studies, it turns out, can tell us who the people using those artifacts were and where they came from. The Bell Beaker culture, for example, left behind stylized bell-shaped pots, along with copper daggers, perforated buttons, stone wrist guards, and arrowheads. By 4,300 years ago, Bell Beaker artifacts began appearing in Britain, replacing artifacts associated with the culture that built Stonehenge. And the answer, according to the genomes of 400 prehistoric people from Britain, Iberia, and Central Europe, is that both versions of the story happened in different parts of Europe. The incoming population from Anatolia almost completely replaced the previous residents of Southeastern and Central Europe within centuries of their arrival.

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