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No, Kylie Jenner didn't sink Snapchat -- not by herself, anyway.
2018-02-22T23:59:41Z - Rachel Kaser / The Next Web
Kylie Jenner yesterday tweeted that she wasn’t using Snapchat anymore, and today the company’s stock took a major hit. But it wasn’t just Kylie who’s falling out of love with the app — users are already on their way out due to a very unpopular new update. — Kylie Jenner (@KylieJenner) February 21, 2018Considering Kylie recently gave birth to her daughter Stormi, I initially took this to mean that she wasn’t able to keep up her previous social media schedule. — Kylie Jenner (@KylieJenner) February 9, 2018Today, Snap shares on the stock market dropped by 7 percent, and Snap lost as much as $1 billion in market value. Sure, her tweets may have been the catalyst for the stock market panic — considering her popularity, she makes a good barometer for public opinion about Snapchat.

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