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‘The Trains Are Slower Because They Slowed the Trains Down’
2018-03-13T18:52:57.978465Z - Aaron Gordon / Hacker News
Eventually, the cumulative impact of all these failing parts reached a critical mass, at which point subway delays began to mushroom out of control. Here’s Why,” which bluntly stated, “The major cause of subway delays is a factor that basically did not exist fifteen years ago: overcrowding. The National Transportation and Safety Board investigation placed most of the blame on the J train operator, who the NTSB suspected had been asleep. “They slowed the trains down after the Williamsburg Bridge crash,” a veteran train operator who asked not to be identified told the Village Voice. Under the new program, generally referred to as signal modifications, the brakes would be tripped based not only on whether the track ahead was vacant, but also on the train’s speed.

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