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That one time Stephen Hawking went for a carriage ride in Texas
2018-03-19T13:16:34+00:00 - Eric Berger / Ars Technica
I first met Stephen Hawking in March 2003, when the most famous scientist in the world visited Texas. After the 2002 meeting, Hawking visited Texas A&M or Mitchell's ranch half a dozen times, giving sold-out lectures on campus and bringing prestige to the physics department. Not every day does one sip expensive wine and watch Stephen Hawking hoisted into a carriage, alongside Mitchell, for a ride across an estate. As an attendant fed Hawking, Mitchell might make a remark to the physicist, or ask a question, and then wait in silence for minutes for an answer. Hawking spent untold days writing books, preparing and delivering public lectures, and even passed time meeting reporters and answering their questions.

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