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HQ Trivia not showing in App Store for some people, but don't worry
2018-03-19T15:00:54Z - Napier Lopez / The Next Web
HQ Trivia, the live quiz app that’s rocketed to popularity since its release last fall, is not showing in search results in Apple’s App Store for many people. That’s for the US version of the app; the UK version of the app is still showing for one of our team members, but the US is the HQ’s largest market. It turns out HQ Trivia was briefly removed from the App Store this morning due to a technical mishap. HQ Trivia has been immensely popular since its launch, approaching 2 million simultaneous participants in recent days. The game streams live at 3PM and 9PM every day; we imagine it should show up in the App Store again in time for today’s games.

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