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Audible is finally back on Sonos speakers
2018-03-20T20:44:19Z - Shannon Liao / The Verge
Audible is finally back on Sonos, after a false alarm two weeks ago when the company mistakingly published a blog post saying the integration was available. Audible is now rolling out on Sonos through the Sonos and Audible apps, giving users an easy way of playing their audiobooks on Sonos hardware. The support was initially removed two years ago when Sonos staff discovered an incompatibility between Audible and Sonos integration after an update. To celebrate its return, Audible is offering Sonos users two credits if they sign up for a 30-day free trial through the app, instead of the single credit it usually offers. Sonos says that the ability to control Audible with Alexa voice commands is coming soon.

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