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Reduced-calorie diet shows signs of slowing ageing in people
2018-03-23T07:22:41.0657974Z - / Hacker News
“The CALERIE trial has been important in addressing the question of whether the pace of ageing can be altered in humans,” says Rozalyn Anderson, who studies ageing at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. She leads one of two large, independent studies on calorie restriction in rhesus monkeys, and began her research career studying calorie restriction in yeast. All the other clinical measurements were in line with reduced metabolic rate, and indicated a decrease in damage due to ageing. Redman would like to repeat the study, combining less-ambitious calorie restriction with a diet containing antioxidant food to control oxidative stress, or with a drug such as resveratrol, which mimics key aspects of calorie restriction. Such intermittent restriction has been found to be as effective as continuous calorie restriction in protecting mice against diseases of ageing such as diabetes and neurodegeneration2.

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