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Apple reportedly unveiling a cheaper iPad next week
2018-03-23T11:37:13Z - Tom Warren / The Verge
Apple is holding an education-focused event on Tuesday that teases “creative new ideas for teachers and students.” While rumors previously suggested a cheaper MacBook will arrive soon, it appears Apple will be focusing on the iPad next week. Rumors previously suggested Apple is preparing to launch a $259 budget iPad model this year, as it attempts to claw back lost ground to both Google and Microsoft in the US education market. A cheaper iPad should help push Apple’s ambitions in the classroom, especially as price is a key factor in device sales to schools and students. Bloomberg also reports that a cheaper MacBook laptop is still being developed, and will likely replace the MacBook Air at under $1,000. While the cheaper MacBook isn’t expected to appear next week, The Verge will be live from Apple’s event with all the latest iPad news.

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