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Here are the 4 best moments from the first big Fortnite e-sports tournament
2018-04-22T19:00:03Z - Nick Statt / The Verge
Hundreds of fans, semi-pros, and big names from the world of e-sports, YouTube, and Twitch streaming descended on the Esports Arena in Las Vegas’ Luxor hotel yesterday for a Fortnite tournament unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. The event was called Ninja Vegas 18, and it’s arguably the first big Fortnite Battle Royale tournament since the game launched back in September 2017. (I was one of those casual players who competed in the tournament, although I lost miserably in all three of my games.) The first Fortnite tournament was a bounty hunt for Ninja’s headEach game included anywhere from 75 to 85 players, with a total of 233 competitors, including Ninja. Ninja himself is among the most skilled Fortnite players in the world.

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