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This Hacker News thread is a masterclass in how to put down your damn smartphone
2018-04-24T22:31:33Z - Bryan Clark / The Next Web
On the other, we have a doomsday device responsible for wrecking societal norms (for better or worse) and leading to a population that’s sleep deprived, anxious, and generally unhappy — among other things. Move apps responsible for the dopamine response that keeps us glued to our devices. From 9pm to 6am, Toup’s phone remains on Do Not Disturb mode, thus blocking calls, notifications, and the annoying dings and pop-ups that keep us coming back for more. This way you really need to think about whether it’s worth the time to open your phone. For some really fascinating insight, including things you can do at home to try and curb your smartphone addiction, check out the entire thread over at Hacker News.

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