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Early Go-Jek investor NSI Ventures goes independent and rebrands to Openspace
2018-04-26T04:22:21Z - Jon Russell / TechCrunch
NSI Ventures, the Singapore-based VC firm affiliated with PE firm Northstar Group that invested early in ride-sharing unicorn Go-Jek, is going independent after it announced it has rebranded to Openspace Ventures. NSI Ventures was started by Hian Goh, an entrepreneur who sold his startup Asia Food Channel in 2013, and finance exec Shane Chesson in 2014. Openspace is best known in Southeast Asia for its early investment in Go-Jek, the Indonesian ride-sharing company that is valued at over $4 billion and in the process of expanding across Southeast Asia. In fact, a recent report from investment tracker Prequin listed the firm as the third highest performing investment fund worldwide for those created between 2003-2015. Opensauce, like others in exit-starved Southeast Asia, is yet to have a liquidation event despite making promising progress.

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