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Intel makes its first 10nm Cannon Lake chips official
2018-05-17T00:40:17+00:00 - Peter Bright / Ars Technica
But the company has also said that, although the yields aren't good enough for large-scale production, it has been shipping 10nm processors, codename Cannon Lake, to an unspecified customer. The Ark listing confirms that it is indeed a 15W Cannon Lake chip, built on a 10nm process. The Cannon Lake part supports two new kinds of memory: LPDDR4 and LPDDR4X, both low power variants of DDR4. Virtually every mobile and desktop processor Intel makes includes an integrated GPU, and one would expect Cannon Lake chips to follow suit. As such, while Cannon Lake and Intel's 10nm manufacturing remain a little mysterious (the broader question of "why this particular chip for this particular customer?"

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