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Bossa Studios launches Worlds Adrift, the first game built on Improbable’s SpatialOS
2018-05-17T08:00:51Z - Steve O'Hear / TechCrunch
The new game, which has been three years in the making and was born out of a Bossa Studios “game jam,” akin to the kinds of internal ‘hackathons’ many startups routinely hold, is attempting to pull off a number of firsts. For the Bossa Studios team, the stakes are even higher. Tapping into the ‘makers’ trend, early testers of Worlds Adrift have shaped the game itself via Bossa’s Island Creator tool. This has seen 10,000 designs submitted, and Worlds Adrift is launching with 300 ‘floating islands,’ nearly all of which have been created by the community rather than Bossa Studios staff. However, Bossa have kindly invited me to their next game jam and to spend some time up close with Worlds Adrift and its makers.

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