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Shari Redstone wins in her fight with Les Moonves and CBS.
2018-05-17T16:43:31Z - Edmund Lee / Recode
It was a battle of the media titans, and Les Moonves lost — for now. First, some quick background: On Monday CBS sued Redstone — whose family company controls CBS through special voting shares — to stop her from trying to force through a merger with the Redstone’s other media company, Viacom. But Bouchard’s ruling did include enough room for CBS to later take legal action if it felt Redstone made any moves — such as replacing board directors to push through a merger with Viacom — that CBS would deem harmful. She could wait out Moonves’ contract, which ends in the middle of 2021, nominate new board directors and then merge with Viacom. CBS could take that move as harm against the company and use that outcome to sue Redstone again.

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