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Review: Witti Design's Notti and Dotti are a couple of fun little lights
2018-05-22T22:43:01Z - Tristan Greene / The Next Web
Witti Design’s line of smart home accessories contains several products which can only be described as delightfully odd. As a big fan of interesting design decisions in technology products, I simply had to review a couple of the company’s strangest offerings: the Notti and Dotti. The Notti looks like someone went to Superman’s Fortress of Solitude and used some sort of kryptonite axe to knock a chunk loose. Notti looks really good and, as a mood light, it’s absolutely excellent. Credit: Nicole GrayThe Dotti can be had for $39.99 here on Amazon, and the Notti is only $34.99 here, also on Amazon.

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