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Meet the judges and hackmasters for the TC Hackathon at VivaTech
2018-05-23T08:29:51Z - Leslie Hitchcock / TechCrunch
Without further ado the judges for the TC Hackthon:Nicolas Bacca, CTO, LedgerNicolas worked on card systems for 5 years at Oberthur, a leader in embedded digital security, ultimately as R&D Solution Architect. Charles Gorintin, co-founder & CTO, AlanCharles Gorintin is a French data science and engineering leader. Prior to co-founding Alan, Charles Gorintin was a data science leader at fast-growing social networks, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, where he worked on anti-fraud, growth, and social psychology. She then joined Clipperton Finance, a corporate finance firm dedicated to high-tech growth companies, before moving to Elaia Partners in 2008. Learning to code at 8, he has been since then experimenting ways to rethink fashion, travel or finance using technology.

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