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Assessing Cavium's ThunderX2: The Arm Server Dream Realized At Last
2018-05-24T12:38:01.1459598Z - / Hacker News
In other words, while the ThunderX (1) was relegated to niche roles, the ThunderX2 is the first Arm server CPU that has a chance to break the server market open. Cavium's "New" Core: VulcanRelative to the original ThunderX, the Vulcan core of the ThunderX2 is an entirely different beast. The ThunderX2 core is the one that fetches the most instructions per cycle, as it has to be able to keep 4 threads running. Gigabyte - Cavium "Saber"CPU Two Cavium ThunderX2 CN9980 (32 cores at 2.2 - 2.5 GHz) RAM 512 GB (16x32GB) Micron Reg. In short, the ThunderX2 is the first SoC that is able to compete with Intel and AMD in the general purpose server CPU market.

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