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Why are we here (at TNW 2018)?
2018-05-24T16:16:24Z - Rachel Kaser / The Next Web
With thousands of attendees from every field of interest, from tech to marketing, we asked the crowd at TNW’s 2018 conference one simple question: Why are you here? “The most intimate digital technology festival on the planet” CNBC liked TNW Conference that much FIND OUT WHY“I gave a talk today on how we shifted our strategy to focus more on creators and the future of video. We think we can get a feel for the Chinese market here and learn from other attendees.” — Veronika Rubach. Otherwise it takes a lot of time, and we know people from TQ.” — Wouter Moll, WT Interactive“I’m here because it’s a different kind of tech conference. Student, Fontys UniversityBonus response:“Free fucking ticket.” — Lauren Gilmore, former TNW employeeRead next: Lessons learned by Vimeo's new CEO, Anjali Sud

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