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Boost Your Nintendo Switch Experience With These Accessories
2018-05-27T12:00:00Z - Brendan Nystedt / Wired
These have all the same motion sensors and rumble effects as the Joy-Con that came with your Switch. RavPower Xtreme 26800 PDAny battery pack can juice up your system in sleep mode, but most aren’t powerful enough to charge the Switch while you game. Nintendo LaboThese flat-pack DIY kits let you build playful supplemental Switch controllers out of precut cardboard . Nintendo Pro ControllerIf you’re exploring Hyrule for hours on end, the official Pro Controller is a worthy upgrade for fending off cramps, especially if your adult hands struggle with the kid-friendly Joy-Con. These affordable cans plug into just about any gaming system with a headphone jack, which Switch thankfully has.

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