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APEX takes a glimpse into the heart of darkness
2018-05-27T23:07:43.4901685Z - / Hacker News
The increased angular resolution provided by the APEX telescope now reveals details in the asymmetric and not point-like source structure, which are as small as 36 million km. The location of the APEX telescope on the southern hemisphere in Chile now provides longer interferometric baselines, leading to a doubling of the angular resolution in comparison to earlier observations. [less] Schematic diagram of the 1.3 mm VLBI observations of Sagittarius A* (Sgr A*) in the Galactic centre, which were performed in 2013. The research team observed Sgr A* in 2013 using VLBI telescopes at four sites. The telescopes include the APEX telescope in Chile, the CARMA array in California, the JCMT and the phased SMA in Hawaii, and the SMT telescope in Arizona.

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