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Elon Musk emailed all of Tesla about attempted ‘sabotage’ by an employee
2018-06-18T23:29:08Z - Jacob Kastrenakes / The Verge
Tesla CEO Elon Musk emailed his entire company just before midnight last night saying that an employee had been caught conducting “damaging sabotage to our operations,” according to CNBC, which obtained the email. The employee has already been questioned by Tesla, and Musk says it’s continuing to investigate whether the employee was working with others. In his email, Musk questioned whether “Wall Street short-sellers,” “oil & gas companies,” or “the multitude of big gas/diesel car company competitors” may have been involved. Last week, Tesla announced a “restructuring” that led to more than 3,000 layoffs, or about nine percent of the company. In his Sunday night email, Musk asked employees to remain “extremely vigilant” over the next few weeks as production ramps up on the Model 3.

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