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Trump Hasn't Signed a Space Force Into Being—Yet
2018-06-19T00:58:15Z - Megan Molteni / Wired
Trump—who first began calling for troops in space earlier this year—made the surprise announcement during a speech at a meeting of the newly-revived National Space Council, the purpose of which was to unveil the US’s new framework for managing commercial space traffic and monitoring debris. Neither the President nor the general provided any more details about what exactly the Space Force would do, how it would be funded, which assets would be rolled into it, and who would run it. As it stands, the US does have a space force of a type: The Air Force is largely in charge of national security in space, including supervising launches and controlling DoD satellites. Our Policy Board will begin working on this issue, which has implications for intelligence operations for the Air Force, Army, Marines, and Navy. He’s argued before Congress for decades about a national security imperative for the US to maintain its superpower status in space.

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