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The Rabbit Charger is a simpler way to integrate chargers into your wall outlets
2018-06-19T13:31:49Z - Chaim Gartenberg / The Verge
However, the Rabbit Charger looks like a pretty good alternative that’s as easy to install as changing a faceplate on a regular outlet. The Rabbit Charger is a outlet-sized block that plugs into your existing outlet. In exchange for the other plug, you get a Y-shaped charging hub on top of the device with two charging tips. Out of the box, the Rabbit Charger comes with two Micro USB and two USB-C charging tips that users can swap in however they’d like. The Rabbit Charger costs $49.95, which isn’t exactly cheap for a pair of phone chargers, but it might be worth it for the more seamless look that it provides.

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