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AT&T to follow Verizon in ending its sale of user location data to third-party brokers
2018-06-19T17:31:29Z - Nick Statt / The Verge
AT&T says it will end its practice of selling real-time user location data to third-party brokers after its primary competitor Verizon agreed to do the same earlier today. It was then providing that data to other companies, notably Securus Technologies, a company that mainly monitors phone calls to prison inmates. Securus, it turns out, also sells real-time location data to law enforcement agencies without checking the validity of warrants. Effectively, because Verizon had little oversight into two California-based data brokers — LocationSmart and Zumigo — more than 75 companies had access to real-time user location data, and Verizon had little to no control over how those companies used that data. All four major carriers have cut off access to Securus, but only AT&T and Verizon have said they will stop sharing data with third-party brokers that facilitated the abuse in the first place.

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