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GoFundMe now allows team fundraising, where multiple people collaborate to raise money for causes
2018-06-20T14:39:36Z - Ingrid Lunden / TechCrunch
GoFundMe, the popular service for raising money for causes with some $5 billion raised to date, is expanding its platform to serve more community efforts: today the company is launching GoFundMe Team Fundraising, which lets groups of people collectively raise money for a single effort. The idea is that it will make it possible for schools, churches, sports teams, and other groups to set up fundraising campaigns on GoFundMe. Early tests of the Team feature have included sports teams, school groups raising money for travel to an event; work teams raising for a cause; and local communities. As with GoFundMe’s other fundraising options, there is no platform fee for starting or running a team campaign, as GoFundMe has now switched to a “tips” model. “With GoFundMe Team Fundraising, we’re introducing an easy social fundraising solution to maximize reach and success for groups.These new tools will also give our existing community another way to fundraise.

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