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Official near-earth object plan will look into nuking asteroids and other 'planetary defense missions'
2018-06-20T23:49:57Z - Devin Coldewey / TechCrunch
But we often hear about NEOs being detected for the first time on near-collision courses just days before approach, or even afterwards. Third, and this is where things go a little off the rails, we need to assess and develop NEO “deflection and disruption” technologies. For the latter case, the spacecraft would contain all systems necessary to carry and safely employ a nuclear explosive device, but would carry a mass simulator with appropriate interfaces in place of an actual nuclear device. Actual flight tests “would not incorporate an actual nuclear device, or involve any nuclear explosive testing.” Not yet, anyway. Last, “Strengthen and Routinely Exercise NEO Impact Emergency Procedures and Action Protocols.”In other words, asteroid drills.

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