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YouTube Blocks Blender Videos Worldwide —
2018-06-22T03:38:07.523726Z - Blender Foundation / Hacker News
Wednesday 10.30h, June 20 2018, by Ton RoosendaalLast night the Youtube Support team contacted Francesco Siddi by phone. As we understand it now it’s a mix of coincidences, bad UIs, wrong error messages, ignorant support desks and our non-standard decision to not monetize a popular Youtube channel. It’s six pages of legal talk, but the gist of the agreement appears to be about Blender Foundation accepting to monetize content on its Youtube channel. Monday 18 June 2018, by Francesco SiddiSince a few days all Blender videos on the OFFICIAL BLENDER CHANNEL have been blocked worldwide without explanation. We are working with YouTube to resolve the issue, but the support has been less than stellar.

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