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The Balloonfest That Went Horribly Wrong
2018-06-22T15:52:43.0283184Z - Emily Buder / Hacker News
And so it went with the 1.5 million balloons that were released in September 1986 over the city of Cleveland. The United Way of Cleveland, a nonprofit, staged a fundraiser in which it attempted to beat Disneyland’s Guinness World Record of the most balloons released simultaneously. Nathan Truesdell’s short documentary, Balloonfest, depicts the helium-filled spectacle using archival news footage from local television stations. They wreak havoc on the city, litter Lake Erie, and, tragically, impede a Coast Guard search and rescue mission for two missing fishermen. Balloonfest serves as a sobering reminder of the short-sightedness of humankind.

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