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Tesla fires back against alleged whistleblower: “he is nothing of the sort”
2018-06-23T11:03:59+00:00 - Cyrus Farivar / Ars Technica
Further Reading Tesla lawsuit target called “horrible human being” by CEO Elon Musk Tesla is now wholly refuting the claims made by an ex-employee and self-proclaimed whistleblower who previously leaked information to the press. Worse still, Tesla insisted, Tripp told company investigators "that he does not actually know the value of the scrap that he assigned dollar values to. Tripp told Ars that he was served with the lawsuit at a Reno-area hotel room on Thursday. Earlier, on Wednesday evening, Tesla told reporters (not including Ars) that it had received a phone call at the Gigafactory. Tripp also told Ars that he believed Musk himself was behind the alleged shooting threat.

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