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Indictment of Ex-Fitbit Employees Marks a Bigger Legal Shift
2018-06-23T11:00:00Z - Lauren Goode / Wired
Last week, a federal grand jury returned a criminal indictment against six current and former Fitbit employees who allegedly stole trade secrets from Jawbone, where they had all previously worked. These charges—which are against the individuals, and not Fitbit as a company—bring fresh scrutiny to the trade secret claims. Other legal experts concur, noting that the Department of Justice is often interested in trade secret cases that involve the exfiltration of proprietary information to a foreign country. Back in 1996, Congress passed The Economic Espionage Act to make theft of trade secrets a federal crime. “There are usually a lot of concerns about the exfiltration of trade secrets to other countries, China in particular,” he says.

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