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Jido Maps is building a 'save button' for persistent AR worlds
2018-07-19T22:45:38Z - Lucas Matney / TechCrunch
Augmented reality tech is in this incredibly weird position where it has the world’s biggest tech companies cheerleading consumer-facing products highlighting it but there are some very base issues that haven’t been solved yet. Jido Maps, which just graduated from Y Combinator’s most recent class, is another startup aiming to deliver the backend technologies needed to give a great fundamental AR experience. Jido sees itself as a “save button” for the digital AR world where after gaining an understanding of the space, it can recall where your augmented reality session ended and how the objects within that experience were left in the space. “To actually have a robust, integrated augmented reality experience you have to take a different approach,” Jido Maps CEO Mark Stauber told TechCrunch. Earlier this week, game studio Happy Giant announced QuasAR which will be utilizing Jido Maps tech for multi-player laser tag.

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