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Surprise! Top sites still fail at encouraging non-terrible passwords
2018-07-19T23:31:20Z - Devin Coldewey / TechCrunch
You would think that Amazon, Reddit, Wikipedia and other highly popular websites would by now tell you that “password1” or “hunter2” is a terrible password — just terrible. A research project that has kept tabs on the top sites and their password habits for the last 11 years shows that most provide only rudimentary password restrictions and do little to help users. Although the university writeup notes that Google, Microsoft and Yahoo had the best password practices and Amazon, Reddit and Wikipedia had the worst, it diplomatically declined to go into specifics. Wikipedia, on the other hand, accepted single-character passwords like “b.”)Even sites that do have restrictions, like requiring multiple character types or rejecting commonly used passwords, seldom explain themselves. Otherwise, like passwords themselves, they will offer the potential for protection, while falling short of doing so in practice.

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