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EBay paid $573M to buy Japanese e-commerce platform Qoo10, filing reveals
2018-07-20T11:16:30Z - Ingrid Lunden, Jon Russell / TechCrunch
In February, eBay paid a total of $573 million to acquire Qoo10, a Japanese sales platform, according to the company’s quarterly earnings filing. Although the acquisition of Qoo10 was first announced in February, the actual price was not disclosed until the company’s earnings report dropped on Thursday. “We believe the acquisition will allow us to offer Japanese consumers more inventory and grow our international presence,” eBay explained in the filing. According to its latest financial results, the company’s U.S.-based business accounted for $1.1 billion out the company’s total quarterly sales of $2.6 billion. EBay doesn’t break out revenue for Japan — where Qoo10 operates — but revenue from Korean rose by 13 percent to $304 million in the most recent quarter.

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