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The Ugly Truth of Ugly Produce – Phat Beets Produce
2018-08-18T05:22:32.4109316Z - / Hacker News
The company turned out to be Imperfect Produce, a business that buys up ugly produce from large agribusiness across the globe for resale at a discount through a subscription box program. Before Imperfect Produce arrived, the BeetBox profits allowed us to supply produce to under-resourced neighborhoods, support free community meals programs and supply free fruit to a variety of youth programs. This produce used to be readily available to food banks but now that ugly and imperfect produce can turn a profit, they are less available to those in need. About this articleThis article was written by the crew at Phat Beets Produce with collaboration and input from Food First. Our work both informs and amplifies the voices of social movements fighting for food justice and food sovereignty.

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