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A new Mac mini and a Retina MacBook Air are imminent, report says
2018-08-21T01:40:01+00:00 - Samuel Axon / Ars Technica
Apple plans to release a new replacement for the MacBook Air (and possibly the current MacBook) with a Retina display later this year, according to a report in Bloomberg. The previous Mac mini is something of a cult hit with independent software developers; this report suggests Apple will double down on that. It was also less serviceable and upgradeable, and we lost the Mac mini server configuration—and one 2.5-inch drive expansion bay. The wording of the report implies that the new machine will merge the MacBook Air and MacBook product lines, borrowing the industrial design of the MacBook Air and the high-resolution display of the MacBook. The basic design of Apple's MacBook Air has been essentially unchanged for several years.

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