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Valve’s “Steam Play” uses Vulkan to bring more Windows games to Linux
2018-08-21T23:42:06+00:00 - Peter Bright / Ars Technica
Valve announced today a beta of Steam Play, a new compatibility layer for Linux to provide compatibility with a wide range of Windows-only games. We've been tracking Valve's efforts to boost Linux gaming for a number of years. Compatibility with Direct3D graphics is provided by vkd3d, an implementation of Direct3D 12 that uses Vulkan for high performance, and DXVK, a Vulkan implementation of Direct3D 11. Once Steam Play is out of beta, developers of Windows games will be able to mark their games as being Steam Play compatible and hence offered for sale to Linux users. While support for other games is being worked on (which users can vote for here), Steam Play testers can toggle an override switch to test any games that Valve has not internally whitelisted thus far.

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