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'Captain Marvel' Trailer: The Next MCU Movie Will Pummel You with '90s Nostalgia
2018-09-18T20:45:00Z - Angela Watercutter / Wired
Yes, the long-awaited first trailer for the MCU's long-awaited Captain Marvel is finally here, and it's full—nearly too full—with Clinton-era references and sight gags. Well, Captain Marvel needs an origin story, and the mid-20th century was taken up by Steve Rogers/Captain America, Agent Carter, and Tony Stark's dad, Howard. If the plan is to tickle fans’ nostalgia bone, directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck need to do it carefully. They mention World War II and occasionally other current events, but the Avengers aren't out here like the X-Men, taking on President Nixon in Days of Future Past. If Captain Marvel does that, it will have succeeded—and given Marvel’s first headlining superheroine the movie she deserves.

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