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Coinbase, EOS, and Stellar paid $60K to white-hat hackers this week
2018-09-19T12:40:44Z - David Canellis / The Next Web
Major platforms Coinbase, EOS, Stellar, XLM and Augur have all recently rewarded hackers (the good kind) handsomely for discovering security flaws. Notably, – the company behind EOS – paid out bug bounties worth more than $60,000 over the past week. It shouldn’t be surprising, then, that EOS bounties make up roughly two-thirds of all payouts in 2018. Earlier this week, hackers stole $58,000 directly from users of “decentralized” EOS asset exchange Newdex. Luckily for Coinbase, EOS, Stellar, and Augur – for this past week, it’s been the good kind.

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