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Recode Daily: How two direct-to-consumer startups iterated their way to success
2018-09-19T12:28:59Z - Recode Staff / Recode
“What you learn in software and technology production is ‘release early and release often,’ and iterate based on customer feedback as fast as you can,” Marino said. [Rani Molla / Recode][Want to get the Recode Daily in your inbox? Federal prosecutors reportedly opened a fraud investigation into the company after Musk tweeted last month that he had “funding secured” for the deal, an announcement that initially caused shares of the company to rise. [Tom Schoenberg and Matt Robinson / Bloomberg]For women at startups, the equity gap is worse than the well-documented pay gap. “Industry wondered how Postmates, which hadn’t raised since 2016 & spends heavily, was still going,” Recode senior commerce editor Jason Del Rey tweeted.

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