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Satellite uses giant net to practice capturing space junk
2018-09-19T16:24:18Z - Loren Grush / The Verge
A British satellite, designed to test out ways to clean up debris in space, just successfully ensnared a simulated piece of junk in orbit using a big net. However, the RemoveDEBRIS satellite, built by the Surrey Space Centre at the University of Surrey, is meant to test out much more low-key means of space debris removal. Once the CubeSat was more than 20 feet away, the RemoveDEBRIS vehicle then shot out its net. Additionally, RemoveDEBRIS is equipped with special cameras and LIDAR technology that could also be used to image space debris and help with navigation. “We think it will be a good stepping stone to prove that the building blocks of space debris removal are viable,” he said.

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