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iOS 12.1 beta suggests a new iPad is coming this fall
2018-09-19T21:42:38+00:00 - Samuel Axon / Ars Technica
The identifier also added to a bevy of evidence and reports suggesting a new iPad Pro model is imminent. Further Reading Review: The 10.5-inch iPad Pro is much more “pro” than what it replaces That's not the only hint about new iPads in the iOS 12.1 beta, though. First of all, 9to5Mac found a daemon running in iOS 12.1 that seems to suggest support for syncing Memojis across iOS devices. Further, developer Steve Troughton-Smith noted on Twitter that iOS 12.1 appears to include support for Face ID in landscape orientation. The iPad Pro was last updated in June of 2017, and the standard iPad was updated earlier this year.

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