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'Jackrabbot 2' takes to the sidewalks to learn how humans navigate politely
2018-09-19T23:36:26Z - Devin Coldewey / TechCrunch
Autonomous vehicles and robots have to know how to get from A to B without hitting obstacles or pedestrians — but how can they do so politely and without disturbing nearby humans? That’s what Stanford’s Jackrabbot project aims to learn, and now a redesigned robot will be cruising campus learning the subtleties of humans negotiating one another’s personal space. The other major addition is a totally normal-looking arm that Jackrabbot 2 can use to gesture to others. Jackrabbot 2 can zoom around for several hours at a time, Sadeghian said. The first time a delivery robot smacks into someone’s legs is the last time they consider ordering something via one.

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